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In a world saturated by TV, radio, print and digital advertising, mobile advertising is a refreshing sight.

Mobile advertising goes as far as the eye can see. Mobile billboard advertising is the most effective method for reaching audiences of all ages, races, income levels, industries, and other demographics. Small and large businesses alike benefit greatly from the exposure that mobile billboard advertising offers, increasing their permeation and cultivating a lasting impression.

As the premier NYC mobile advertising company, our meticulous attention to detail will allow us to display your advertising campaign in the most aesthetically accessible fashion, thus strategically targeting your needs and goals. In doing so, our traveling billboard vehicles will help to foster success for your campaign, simultaneously increasing brand awareness for your organization.

Mobile Ads works to understand your goals, as well as your target audience. With advanced notice our mobile billboards can travel to any destination at any time to display your eye-catching message. People perceive the medium of mobile Truck advertising to be unique and memorable-- positioning your company for short- and long-term success.

Our traveling mobile billboard service can be used for: advertising, brand and company promotion, public cause promotion, sales, parades, special events, grand openings, TV commercials, trade shows, and much more.

With fifteen years of experience as family owned and operated business, our new fleet of vehicles is cost effective and dependable.

Mobile Advertising Facts and Statistics

  • Neilsen Audio‚Äôs outdoor study suggests that 96% of Americans are in their car an average of 302 miles per week.
  • 91% of the people surveyed by the American Trucking Association (ATA) reported that they do take notice of words and pictures on outdoor vehicles.
  • 75% reported a favorable impression of the company when graphics were used.
  • 29% said that they would base a buying decision on these impressions.
  • Mobile billboard advertising offers a lower cost and higher return than radio, print, spot TV and stationary billboards.
  • Mobile advertising has a high retention score because people are interested in looking.
  • We can accommodate flex face signs to ensure price-conscious marketability.

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