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Affordable mobile billboard advertising on the go

Need an effective marketing method in your neighborhood? Reach out to Mobile Ads and we’ll help you maximize your exposure. For 25 years our mobile advertising vehicles have been used to communicate with customers and increase brand awareness.

Your message will be displayed on impressive fleet of advertising trucks. Once we display the signage on the selected vehicle, we drive it to your desired location increase brand awareness and inform the customers about your product or services. We do this multiple hours a day, exposing your message again and again in your service areas.

Mobile Ads provides all work performed with daily GPS reports to show proof of locations traveled, speeds traveled, and the start and ending times of your daily truck advertising campaign. You will also have the cell phone number of the driver, giving you complete control over your mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile Billboards

With a customized mobile billboard your personal message will shine brightly in a sea of otherwise static marketing. Personalized messages and advertising can take a variety of forms; let us help you maximize your goals.

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Glass Advertising Trucks

Using glass trucks will allow you to fully show the extent of your products or services. Demo your business by allowing the public to view a mobile showcase of your talents.

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LED Mobile Billboard Trucks

Fully lighted, your message will be completely visible to people on the street. Colorful LED lighting is sure to add to your overall point. Advertising trucks equipped with LED lighting will give any message an extra punch.

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NYC Rickshaws

Displaying your advertisement on a NYC rickshaw is a great alternative to traditional mobile billboards, increasing the exposure of your advertisement tenfold. You can drastically increase the visibility and reach of your mobile billboards by taking your advertising campaign to the streets.

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Truck Advertising

Turn our truck-sides into your own marketing unit by fully integrating your company's profile into the exterior of each truck. Match your truck advertisement to a billboard or banner to fully expand on your message.

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Your Delivery Trucks

Earn more through truck advertising on your own truck! We will send you everything needed regarding the application to get you started. Best of all you will be able to advertise inexpensively, put your product on sale, and be a rolling mobile billboard!

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Street Teams

There’s no advertisement more impactful than a promotional message delivered by a human. Whether you are hosting a grand opening, product release, special event, or initiating a new advertising campaign, our street teams will revolutionize your promotional efforts.

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Projection Media

Projection Media allows consumers to see your products digitally projected onto the sides of buildings, creating a unique visual experience. These digital projections will enhance the public’s perception of your product, and your organization. Companies with a focus on branding will find great success with our Projection Media.

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