Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising: Moving You in the Right Direction

Proclaim the benefits of your business by turning our trucks into a mobile billboard advertisement. A brand logo, message and any other included components will help your business to attract more customers than ever before.

Our per square foot banner rate will help you create something entirely your own without the demanding cost of digital, TV, or radio advertising. Enjoy a sustained increase in customers with the exposure our mobile billboards can provide. We will work with you to advertise the benefits of your company, bringing new clients to you.

Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Features

  • Available in 10'x22' or 8'x16'
  • Send us your artwork and message to have them displayed
  • We produce signs
  • We install our own advertisements
  • We send our trucks to your targeted location
  • Photos and GPS provided
  • Turnaround 14 days or less

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