Mobile Ads: Mobile Billboards in Boston

Boston is a city with a population of 673,000 people, with nearly 19 million tourists coming in and out of Boston every year. In 2015 visitors spent 12.7 billion dollars total in Boston. In an area like Boston mobile billboard advertising stands out, giving your business an optimal chance to share your message.

At Mobile ads we work to understand your goals, as well as your target audience. Our traveling mobile billboard advertising offers a lower cost and higher return than radio, print, spot TV, and stationary billboards. Mobile ads fleet of new, dependable advertising vehicles can be used for: advertising, brand and company promotion, public cause promotion, sales, parades, special events, grand openings, TV commercials, trade shows, and much more. Our truck side advertising is sure to have people taking notice of your message, leaving people with a long-lasting, favorable impression of your company. With 15 years of experience as a family owned and operated business, our meticulous attention to detail is sure help to foster success for your campaign.

Mobile Ads Features

  • We will send our trucks to your targeted locations
  • Photos and GPS provided
  • Turnaround-14 days or less

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